Monday, October 26, 2009

For Rs 50,000 they killed four women

For Rs 50,000 they killed four women
Preetu Nair, TNN
PANAJI: The four murders allegedly committed by Siva G TNN Chandrakant Talwar and Syron Rodrigues got them a booty of just over Rs 50,000, police sources revealed. The duo would offer women a lift in their car and then kill them for their money and jewellery.

Talwar, 35, from St Inez would strangulate the women, while Rodrigues, 20, from Chimbel would purchase 1 litre of petrol, which the duo would sprinkle on the victim before setting the body ablaze. Syron’s girlfriend, a minor, would convince the women to accept the lift.

“The total amount that they got after selling the victims’ gold ornaments—1 mangalsutra, 2 gold chains, 2 pairs of gold earrings—is Rs 42,000. Another Rs 9,320 in cash was found in Malati Yadav’s purse,” said police sources.Explaining how the murders took place, police sources said, “Sharmila Mandrekar was walking home when they stopped the car and asked her for directions.

They then offered her a lift home as it was in the same direction. Once she was in the car, they took a wrong road. Seeing this Sharmila raised an alarm, but when Talwar threatened to kill her, she kept quite.

26 October 2009 , The Times of India, Goa edition

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